Marilyn Kicks Off Magnum’s Square Print Sale

Marilyn is featured twice among 100 images in Magnum Photos’ square print sale, ending this Sunday, October 23. The museum-quality prints measure 6×6″ each. In the first shot, Bob Henriques captures the moment when Marilyn opened the USA-Israel Football International at Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. (The match took place in 1957, not ’59 as described.) And the second image shows Marilyn during filming of The Misfits, shot by Eve Arnold in 1960. Both prints are mounted and estate-stamped, and can be purchased for £100, or framed for £200.

“What was particularly interesting to me about Marilyn was that each time I photographed her she was different – not only a variation from session to session, but a variation from frame to frame. She would look different in mood and attitude. One could expect this, because she was an actress, but it was the shadings of mood and attitude that she called forth that were impressive.

So over the 10-year stretch during which I photographed her, the infinite changes she could wring from situation to situation never failed to surprise me. We went from personal snaps in the ladies’ room of the Chicago airport through intimate reportage, through formal color studio shots for covers.

These changes are only possible if the photographer has forged a relationship which permits an atmosphere in which the subject feels relaxed and safe, an intimacy that allows the person being photographed to be uninhibited and to reveal hitherto unknown aspects of herself.” – Eve Arnold, In Retrospect (1996)