Night and Day: Marilyn Goes ‘Yellowpop’ With Warhol

With iconic imagery ranging from soup cans to movie stars, the art of Andy Warhol is coming to a home near you (in neon), Flaunt reports.

“Home decor brand Yellowpop is collaborating with The Andy Warhol Foundation for a limited-edition collection of eight LED neon art pieces that honor Warhol’s most iconic work. The pieces, which went live on October 13, include Flowers, Campbell’s, Banana, Cow, Brillo Box, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. The launch is a true testament to Warhol’s influence on the art world through his work in visual art and film since the 20th century.

All items are available to purchase individually, but there are also deluxe sets with four Flowers or four Marilyns that include a Yellowpop NFT that allows access to membership benefits like lifetime discounts, early access to drops, and exclusive events.”