‘The Asphalt Jungle’: Marilyn’s Most Rented Noir

The Asphalt Jungle is ranked 16th on DVD Netflix’s 25 Most Rented Films Noir, as Raquel Stecher reports in a Noirvember blog post. (The top three Noir rentals are The Third Man, The Maltese Falcon, and Sunset Boulevard.)

The Asphalt Jungle is a taut and captivating film that grabs you by the collar from the very beginning and won’t let go. A terrific ensemble cast lead the way as the story builds up to the jewellery heist and the aftermath… The film features some stunning cinematography by Harold Rosson, lots of angular shots and tight frames and excellent use of light and shadow. Fans of Marilyn Monroe will be delighted to see her in a supporting role as the fixer’s mistress.”