Marilyn and the ‘Chap’ Behind the Camera

Marilyn appears twice in the Winter 2022 issue of Chap, a vintage style magazine for men (and women) in the UK. She’s even named alongside cover star Michael Caine, although neither of the pieces are about her specifically. The first is an 8-page article with British cinematographer Jack Cardiff – including his memories of working with Marilyn on The Prince and the Showgirl – and is based on a previously unpublished interview conducted shortly before his death in 2009.

She is also briefly mentioned in another article, ‘Scent From the Stars,’ which notes that Chanel No. 5 wasn’t the only perfume Marilyn liked to wear. “Marilyn also favoured Rose Geranium by Floris,” Noelle Vaughn writes, adding that “a receipt dated 14th December 1959 shows an order for half a dozen bottles of it to be shipped from the London perfumier and delivered to The Beverly Hills Hotel during the filming of Some Like it Hot.” (Actually, Marilyn was preparing to shoot Let’s Make Love at the time – Some Like It Hot was made a year earlier.)

Marilyn was previously featured in Chap‘s Winter 2019 issue, which you can also read here.

Thanks to A Passion for Marilyn