Marilyn and Her Finances at Julien’s Auctions

In my latest post about the Icons and Idols event at Julien’s Auctions this Saturday, December 17, I’m looking at a selection of the 175 Marilyn-related items which shed new light on her finances. (You can read my other posts on the upcoming sale here.)

  1. “An oversized counter cheque dated July 14, 1952 and completed entirely in Marilyn’s own handwriting, made out to one of her favorite clothiers, Jax, in the amount of $133.20. Monroe’s signature is large and bold, under which she wrote her home address as being the Bel Air Hotel, with a phone number included.” – SOLD for $4,480
  2. A Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc., business cheque dated March 5, 1959 and signed by Marilyn. The cheque, drawn on the Colonial Trust Company of New York, is made out to the State Tax Commission $25.00. – SOLD for $3,840

“A comprehensive financial ledger documenting presumably every Marilyn Monroe financial transaction from January 1953 through March 1955. The hardbound ledger contains handwritten entries, all of which are presumed to have been made by Monroe’s business manager, Inez Melson, covering in great detail Monroe’s cash received and disbursed, assets and liabilities, capital, income, expenses, and general financial transactions. This is an incredible look at Monroe’s finances during the years she was propelled to stardom as she completed some of her most famous films.”

SOLD for $8,960

“A Texaco National Credit Card owned and signed in blue ink by Marilyn Monroe. The card is addressed to: ‘Marilyn Monroe Prod / 480 Lexington Ave / New York I7 NY’ and has the expiration date of 7/60.”

SOLD for $16,000

“A 1959 federal income tax return for Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, including Form 1040, Schedule C, and Form 1116, together with five typed pages documenting income for Monroe and Miller, along with business expenses and deductions, contributions, taxes paid, medical expenses, and other items. These documents show that the combined income for Monroe and Miller for 1959 was $323,453.00, of which $103,362.50 was income from royalties for Miller’s plays. The Millers were required to write a check to the Internal Revenue Service for $30,338.55, the balance due for taxes on their income. Monroe’s marriage to Miller ended in 1961.”

SOLD for $2,240

“A cardboard covered wire bound checkbook for Monroe’s account at Irving Trust Company in New York City. The cover is incorrectly labeled as being from the Colonial Trust Company, 4/30/58 – 7/31/59. The checkbook covers Monroe’s expenses from August 8, 1960, to January 27, 1961, with check numbers 1253 through 1483, offering a fascinating look at Monroe’s expenses in 1960 and 1961.

Recipients of payments from Monroe’s personal account during this period include The Mapes Hotel in the Nevada hotel (where Monroe and Arthur Miller stayed while filming The Misfits), Erno Laszlo Institute, Paula Strasberg, Ralph Roberts, I. Magnin + Co., Arthur P. Jacobs Co., Beverly Hills Hotel, West Side Hospital, Ferragamo, Jurgensen’s Grocery, Hollywood Reporter, Bergdorf Goodman, Variety, Marilyn Monroe Productions, Hattie Stephenson, Ralph Greenson, M.D., La Scala Restaurant, Schwab’s Pharmacy, Screen Actors Guild, Lee Siegel, M.D., Leonard H. Schuyler, M.D., Bloomingdale’s, Jax Beverly Hills, Inc., Martindale’s Bookstore, Plaza Hotel, Louis Finger, M.D., Rexford Kennamer, M.D., Sutton Wines and Liquors, MCA Artists Ltd., Marianne Kris, M.D., Actors Studio Inc. – contribution, Agnes M. Flanagan, Mrs. Michael Chekhov, Rudolph J. Kautsky, Evelyn Moriarty, Allan Snyder, Hazel Washington, Gucci, Patricia Newcomb, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Norman Norell Inc., and Western Costume Co., among others.”

SOLD for $6,400

Carbon copies of two important letters. The first two-page letter, dated March 14, 1957, is correspondence between attorneys Irving L. Stein and Robert H. Montgomery in reference to Milton Greene, Monroe’s business partner and friend at the time, having a contractual entitlement to have Executive Producer credit on the film The Prince and the Showgirl. The second six-page letter, dated April 14, 1961, is correspondence between Arnold Weissberger and Monroe herself regarding her contract with Twentieth Century-Fox and is specific to her desire not to participate in the film Goodbye Charlie. Both letters are in response to significant business issues occurring within Monroe’s film star career.”

SOLD for $384

“A softcover wire-bound cheque-book labeled ‘MARILYN MONROE (PERSONAL), IRVING TRUST CO., 7/14/61 – to – 9/25/61.’

Recipients of payments from the checkbook include Beverly Hills Hotel, Ralph R. Greenson, Schwab’s Pharmacy, Chasen’s, Leon Krohn M.D., Arthur P. Jacobs Co. Inc., Ralph Roberts (ten treatments), Lena Pepitone (her maid, who wrote the 1979 book Marilyn Monroe Confidential), Rudy Kautsky, Elizabeth Arden, Polyclinic Coffee Shop, Paula Strasberg, and Pat Newcomb, among others.

The opening balance listed in the checkbook for this account is $12,853.24. The closing balance is $11,854.53.”

SOLD for $7,680

“A grouping of 137 receipts, ranging in date from October 1962 through April 1966, addressed to Inez C. Melson, Marilyn’s business manager, for the care of Monroe’s mother, Gladys Eley, while she was staying at Rockhaven Sanitarium in Verdugo City, California. Included with the Rockhaven Sanitarium receipts are other invoices for products and services provided to Eley, including prescription medications, toothbrushes and toothpaste, repairs to her dentures, cash advances, and package deliveries sent to Gainsborough, Florida, for Eley’s other daughter, Berniece Miracle. The April 27, 1966, invoice indicates that Eley’s account at Rockhaven was $7,355.90 in arrears.”

SOLD for $1,920