Marilyn’s ‘Confession Inachevée’: A Graphic Novel

Following the pocket edition of Marilyn’s Confession Inachevée (aka My Story), French publisher Robert Laffont has released a graphic novel adaptation, Confession Inachevée: Marilyn Par Marilyn, with illustrations based on photos by Milton Greene.

“1954, Beverly Hills Hotel.

Marilyn Monroe is 28 years old and starts writing her memoirs. She plunges back into her memories of childhood and adolescence; she shares with Ben Hecht, her co-author, her reflections on cinema, on love, on sexuality and on her profession as an actress.

This unique, intimate, feminist and political confession reveals a double Marilyn, torn between melancholy and glamour, her anxieties and her image as a sex symbol, her intellectual curiosity and the desire of the producers to make her a dumb blonde goddess.

All of Marilyn’s emotion and fragility, her revolt dressed in humor and lightness, are here masterfully put into images by Sandrine Revel, and into words by Stéphanie Sphyras.”

Here are some sample pages, and a book trailer.


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