On its 10th Anniversary, the Marilyn Jetty Swim is Bigger Than Ever

Over 500 people joined the annual Marilyn Jetty Swim at Brighton Beach in Adelaide, South Australia today, ABC News reports.

“The 10th anniversary of the event achieved record numbers, with 513 Marilyn Monroe impersonators attending — up from 300 participants last year. The event has raised $1 million for Cancer Council SA since its inception, including more than $220,000 this year alone.

Founding Marilyn, Sarah Tinney, started the event after losing her mother to cancer in 2007. ‘Every year when I see new Marilyns come, and they have their stories and I can see where they are at, they’re at day one of losing somebody they love,’ Ms Tinney said.

Reaching the $1 million fundraising milestone was ‘very surreal’ for Ms Tinney. ‘Nobody could have anticipated this kind of growth,’ she said.

One woman travelled from Cairns to take part. ‘I had breast cancer five years ago, so I know it’s a worthy cause,’ she said. ‘I’m right behind everyone and these gorgeous, blonde bombshells.'”