Marilyn and Frank Sinatra Get ‘Closer’

The latest issue of Closer Weekly USA (dated February 20, 2023) includes a two-page article about Edward Z. Epstein’s new book, Frank & Marilyn, about her relationship with Frank Sinatra.

Author and Monroe expert April VeVea-Chambers gives Frank & Marilyn a mixed review on her Classic Blondes website.

“A book on the relationship between Frank and Marilyn is long overdue. As a fan of Epstein’s work [see here], I was excited to dig into this one. I’m going to start by pointing out how this book features great interviews with the likes of Hal Schaefer and Amy Greene. Although these interviews won’t be new for the die-hard Marilyn fans, they are great to have and reread. They also paint a fuller portrait of Monroe’s person.

Onto the bad: There are A LOT of inaccuracies in the book in regards to Monroe …  The author gets dates off by months and sometimes years, making for a very confusing reading experience. I had a hard time following a lot of claims because they’re just wildly off base. I went through the source list on the book and my issues made sense; nothing was newer than the ’90s in regards to Marilyn. The key issue with that is a lot of new stuff has come to light since 2000.

Overall, I give this book two stars because the first 20% or so is quite good. The Wrong Door Raid is well done … Hopefully a second edition with updated information will get released at some point that will make this book a must-have on anyone’s shelf.”