Marilyn (and Billy) at the Secret Movie Club

Some Like It Hot (1959) will be screened at 7:30 pm this Friday, February 24th, in the Secret Movie Club theatre on Bay Street, Los Angeles, heading up a Billy Wilder double bill – and closing out this month’s ‘The Heart Wants’ series – with The Apartment (1960) following at 10 pm. (Please note entrance/parking is actually in the back of the building. Make a right on Wilson Street, then a right behind the building. The club is at the first set of black steps after the big gate.)

“It’s always fascinating when a director hits the ‘white hot’ moment of their career when they produce back-to-back classics … Billy Wilder made bangers with the regularity of the turning of the sun. Almost every year or two, the new Billy Wilder movie from the early 1940’s through the late 1960’s came out to both critical acclaim and commercial successs. But never as stunningly as his back to back triumphs here.

Some Like It Hot, which follows Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as jazz musicians who witness a mob massacre and go into hiding in drag with an all-female band fronted by Marilyn Monroe, caught everyone by surprise with its mix of Shakespearean mistaken identity and raucous frank sexuality. It has since also become beloved by a generation for its LGBTQ themes and tolerance of all kinds of love and relationships.

We follow Some Like it Hot with The Apartment made just one year later and doubling down on an examination of complicated sexual and emotional relationships as romantic comedy.”