Marilyn Graces TIME’s Centennial Cover

Marilyn is featured on the cover of TIME Magazine’s centennial issue (dated March 13, 2023), among other past cover stars. A print of D.W. Pine’s 100th anniversary collage can also be purchased here – click the image below to enlarge. Marilyn made the cover of TIME on May 14, 1956. The artwork, created by the magazine’s prolific illustrator Boris Chaliapin, was based on a photograph taken by Gordon Parks in Los Angeles that March, outside the North Beverly Glen home that Marilyn had leased while filming Bus Stop. Inside was an in-depth profile by Ezra Goodman, ‘To Aristophanes and Back‘.

Among the other notables featured alongside Marilyn on TIME‘s centennial cover is Joe DiMaggio, whose own cover story was published twenty years before hers.