Kennedy Gala Program Signed by Marilyn Sells for $88,900

117 Marilyn-related items went under the hammer yesterday, as part of the Hollywood: Classic & Contemporary event at Julien’s Auctions. In a series of posts, I will share more highlights from the sale – but first, here are the five top sellers…

“A program for the May 19, 1962 event ‘New York’s Birthday Salute to President Kennedy‘ that has been signed in ink by Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities including Harry Belafonte, Maria Callas, Shirley MacLaine, Henry Fonda, Peggy Lee, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, and others, many of whom were performers that night … One the right side is a photograph of President Kennedy with Monroe’s signature beneath his face.” – SOLD for $88,900

A note written in pencil by Marilyn Monroe reads: ‘To Bill / Warmest Regards / Marilyn Monroe / March 5, 1958,’ matted and framed beneath three color reproductions of photographs taken of Monroe by Milton Greene and next to two matted plaques … The three photographs across the top are from Greene’s ‘Wicker Chair Sitting’ … The photos were taken in New York in 1954.” – SOLD for $19,500

A framed photograph inscribed by Marilyn: ‘Dear Linda, I wish you luck with your acting. Love and kisses, Marilyn Monroe Miller.’ This inscription was written for child actor Linda Bennett.” – SOLD for $9,100

Above, at top: “A counter check written to Doheny Pharmacy for $34.89 signed in blue ink by Marilyn Monroe and dated October 31, 1953 (Halloween).” – SOLD for $7,800

Above, at bottom: “A Marilyn Monroe signed counter check, written entirely in her own hand, dated June 3, 1952, made payable to Schwab’s Pharmacy.” – SOLD for $6,500