Flashback to Marilyn’s Nivea Splash

This photo of a young Norma Jeane on a boat is featured in the July issue of Yours Retro (#28, with Michael Caine on the cover), as part of a ‘Sun, Sea and Stars’ pictorial. However, unlike the other photos in the spread it’s not a holiday snapshot, but part of a photo session with two other models, used in a Nivea Creme ad. (Fans on the Everlasting Star forum estimate it as being taken during her Blue Book days in 1946, probably by Joseph Jasgur.)

These photos may possibly have been taken on the same day…

Another common misconception is that the photo was a still from Marilyn’s mostly-cut boating scene in her first movie, Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! That film was shot in 1947, but as you can see, Marilyn wears a one-piece bathing suit in that sequence; her hair is styled differently; and her companion is actress Colleen Townsend. The only similarity is that they’re in a boat.

Thanks to Fraser Penney