60 Years Ago: Marilyn Wraps ‘The Misfits’

This weekend will mark 60 years since The Misfits wrapped – the last film Marilyn would complete. Over on the Magnum Photos blog today, an account of the production by Inge Morath, one of the photographers despatched to Nevada by the legendary agency. Inge would later be reacquainted with Arthur Miller – who had written The Misfits for Marilyn before their marriage broke down – while collating her images from the movie, and she became his third wife.

“Inge took comparatively few pictures. When she pointed the camera she felt a certain responsibility for what it was looking at. Her pictures of Marilyn are particularly empathetic and touch as she caught Marilyn’s anguish beneath her celebrity, the pain as well as her joy in life. Many of the pictures of the magnum group have become part of the mythology of The Misfits. Inge’s I think, are especially tender and beautiful.” – Arthur Miller

“Marilyn was fascinating to watch. The way she moved, her expressions; she just was extraordinary. There was such strength and energy combined with this fragility. It was vert interesting and quite unique. What I wanted to do was the unposed person. Marilyn knew all the tricks about how to pose, but when I watched her and saw that vulnerability, I figured to get something of her that is not posed, some inner side of her that can be revealed if possible with the camera. You might see in some of the close-ups, behind the smile there is a tragic undertone.” – Inge Morath