Crazy For Marilyn’s ‘Misfit’ Style

Having covered the major events during filming of The Misfits in 1960 – from the initial test shots to Marilyn’s arrival in Reno, and her return to the set – the latest issue of French e-zine Crazy for You looks at Marilyn’s night at a casino with director John Huston; and a trip to San Francisco with co-star Montgomery Clift. (The wistful cover photo was taken by Eve Arnold.)

The creator of Crazy for You has also launched a new blog, Marilyn et la Mode, which you can also follow on Instagram.

“Marilyn Monroe is often presented as the archetype of the 1950s, however the more I advance in my research, the more I realize that her relationship to clothes, to her physique, is far from being in the canon of her time. It gives off something unique, a mixture of avant-garde and simplicity, of freedom.

Contrary to what some people think, fashion is far from trivial. It always reflects its time. It shows the non-verbal customs of the time, especially with regard to women. It reveals what women do with their bodies and what is expected of them.

Marilyn tells a rather amazing story through her clothing choices. I’ll tell it to you.”