Marilyn’s Love Letter to Joe at Christie’s

An intimate letter of apology, written by Marilyn to Joe DiMaggio during their short-lived marriage (and later found in his wallet), will go under the hammer at Christie’s in New York on December 16, as part of a baseball memorabilia auction which also includes a passport photo of the couple, press photos taken en route to Japan in 1954, and even a few shots of Marilyn performing for troops in Korea (suggesting Joe wasn’t as opposed to her tour as some have said, as all items come from his estate.) The letter, estimated to fetch $50-$100K next month, was originally sold in 2006, alongside another letter from Joe to Marilyn following their divorce, in which he apologised for his own behaviour during their marriage.

“Incredibly poignant and remarkably personal Marilyn Monroe handwritten letter is penned on the reverse of a dry cleaning receipt. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Joe, I know I was wrong! I acted the way I did and said the things I did because I was hurt – not because I meant them-and it was stupid of me to be hurt because actually there wasn’t enough reason-in fact no reason at all. Please accept my apology and don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t be angry with your baby-she loves you. Lovingly, your wife (for life) Mrs. J.P. DiMaggio.’

The letter was discovered within Joe DiMaggio’s wallet, which contained other objects dating to the 1954 era. Due to years of storage and likely handling from time to time by the recipient, the letter has separated into four equal sections. Although it could be restored to one piece, there is a certain appeal to leaving the note as it had been treasured by Joe for those many years.

The wallet and its contents remain exactly as they were found, including several membership cards issued to Joe (unsigned), a few pieces of foreign currency, and a charming photo of Joe Jr. putting air into a tire. The wallet itself was obviously one of Joe’s favorites, as it had been used to the degree that several joints have split at the sides. ‘JD’ monogram is impressed on the front.”

UPDATE: The letter was sold for $425,000.


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