Marina (and Marilyn) at the Pink Palace

Singer Marina (of Marina and the Diamonds fame) has referenced Marilyn and her historic links to the Beverly Hills Hotel in her latest single, ‘Man’s World.’ Marilyn stayed at the hotel during filming of Some Like It Hot and lived in one of its bungalows throughout Let’s Make Love. She also posed for photographers Earl Leaf and Eric Skipsey there, and dined in the hotel’s famous Polo Lounge.

“Marilyn’s bungalow, it’s number seven
In the pink palace where men made her legend
Owned by a sheik who killed thousands of gay men
I guess that’s why he bought the campest hotel in LA then …”

One of Marina’s earlier hits, ‘The State of Dreaming‘ (from Electra Heart, 2013) was about how the public remembers Marilyn. In ‘Man’s World,’ she alludes to Marilyn’s sexual objectification, and a new controversy involving one of the hotel’s current stakeholders – the Sultan of Brunei – who recently passed a law in his own country making gay sex and adultery punishable by death by stoning.