‘Goodbye Norma Jean’ Star Writes Memoir

Actress Misty Rowe, who starred in the original Monroe biopic, Goodbye Norma Jean (1976), has enjoyed a long career in acting. Perhaps best-known for her role in TV’s Hee Haw, she has also written, directed and performed in numerous stage productions, and has now written her own autobiography, Misty Memories, which you can pre-order here. (In a 2018 interview for Do Savannah, she said of Goodbye Norma Jean: ‘Not a great film, but I was the first.’)

“‘Happy Days fans know me as Wendy the Car Hop. Hee Haw fans know me as the bubbly blonde who never stopped smiling. Marilyn Monroe fans know me as the first person to ever portray Marilyn in a major motion picture. Others know me for the thousands of stage productions and television appearances I’ve made. But you are about to get to know the REAL me. I share it all….the good and the bad. These are my Misty Memories.’ – Misty Rowe

*This deluxe, hard cover book includes 225 rare, never-before-seen photos from Misty’s personal collection!”

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