Marilyn Leads Female Front in Hollywood’s Top 75

Marilyn hits the ground running as the highest-placed woman (and fifth overall) in her first poll of 2021, ranking the 75 Greatest Hollywood Stars as chosen by readers of the Last Movie Outpost website. It’s a shame that women’s talent still seems to be undervalued, as Marilyn was also the only woman in Forbes’ recent list of the highest-earning dead celebrities (see here.) Humphrey Bogart – seen above with Marilyn at the premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) – takes first place, while Lauren Bacall comes in at #44. Among Marilyn’s other friends and co-stars to make the list are Cary Grant (ahead of her in 3rd place), Clark Gable (8th), Bette Davis (12th, and the first woman after Marilyn), Marlon Brando (15th), Barbara Stanwyck (21st), Ginger Rogers (24th), Robert Mitchum (32nd), William Powell (54th), Betty Grable (56th), Laurence Olivier (67th), Montgomery Clift (71st), and Groucho Marx at #74.

Thanks to A Passion for Marilyn