Richard Avedon’s ‘Sad Marilyn’ at Sotheby’s

This signed gelatin silver print of Richard Avedon’s classic 1957 portrait, known as ‘Sad Marilyn’, will be auctioned tomorrow at Sotheby’s, with an estimate of $80K-120K, as Maureen Sugden reports for Scotland’s Herald.

“This particular image, taken in New York in 1957, is signed by the photographer and is said to have captured her ‘inner life’ at a time when she was the world’s biggest star. Avedon recalled of the shoot: ‘For hours she danced and sang and flirted and did “Marilyn Monroe”. And then there was the inevitable drop. And when the night was over and the white wine was over and the dancing was over, she sat in the corner like a child, with everything gone.'”

UPDATE: The portrait has been sold for $163,800