‘Game Changers’: Rudy Meyer Brings Marilyn to Bangkok

Marilyn is featured in Game Changers, a new exhibition from French neo-pop artist Rudy Meyer, on display at River City Bangkok Photographers’ Gallery 2 in Thailand’s capital until April 23rd. With titles like ‘Fame is the Way‘ and ‘Spreading Fame,’ Meyer takes inspiration from Richard Avedon’s 1957 photo, aka ‘Sad Marilyn.’

“Rudy delves deep into the concept of pop culture through an interplay of unique mediums. His process of destruction and re-shaping conveys a darker vision of popular art, transforming it into visual poetry. This neo-pop art series fuses acrylics, ink, spray paint, and multiple hand-pulled silk screen printing layers to deliver impactful imagery … The iconic characters often appear multiple times in each artwork to represent the myriad layers to each individual’s personality: the failures and the successes, the dark and the bright sides. Every figure represents the unconventionality and courage the artist has found inspiring in his art and life.”