Marilyn’s Estate Launches Digital Art Auction

‘Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis’, an ongoing 72-hour auction of digital art NFTs (non-fungible tokens) launched on her 95th birthday yesterday by Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the licensing company and owner of Marilyn’s estate, in partnership with blockchain platform Ethernity Chain.

I have to admit that most of this ‘curated collection’ is not to my taste, but I quite like this image by Starving AI, based on a Joseph Jasgur photo from the early days of Marilyn’s modelling career. (I’m a bit concerned by the ring of fire behind her, though!)

For a limited time, you can visit the auction here. And if (like me) you’re still struggling with the whole concept behind this event, here’s a report from Yahoo! Life.

“The artists participating in ‘Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis’ are Blunt Action, Starving Al, Aitana Basquiat, Grace Casas, Drella Drexler, Jason Ebeyer, Andrew Holzmeister, Blake Kathryn, Vasya, Vincent Viriot, and Bloo Woods.

The artists span the globe. For example, Basquiat is a 3D designer and artist from Spain; Woods is a motion designer, 3D artist and animator based in Atlanta; while Viriot is a motion artist and director based in Paris. Opening bids start at around $5,000.

‘Marilyn Monroe’s persona has captured the imagination of artists, creators, and art collectors for decades,’ said Jim Gibb, creative director, The Marilyn Monroe Estate. ‘From Richard Avedon to Andy Warhol to Cindy Sherman to Willem de Kooning, artists have made the iconic actress an indelible part of American contemporary art. Through groundbreaking NFT technology, her image will continue to fascinate and inspire the art community through this new medium.’

Nick Rose, founder and chief executive officer of Ethernity Chain, said, ‘Ethernity is honored to be the first platform to continue Marilyn’s legacy from the era of Pop Art to the era of NFTs and the blockchain. There could not be a more iconic first female celebrity to drop on Ethernity.’

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited-edition authenticated NFTs and trading cards released by artists and endorsed by notable figures. Built on the Ethereal Network, it strives to build the biggest A-NFT library, reward its creators and raise funds for charitable causes.”