Schiller’s ‘Marilyn and Me’, Revisited

Although the standard edition of Lawrence Schiller’s Marilyn & Me was finally published in June, many fans outside the EU (including the post-Brexit UK) haven’t received their copies from online stores like Amazon until this week. The two deluxe editions, published in 2012, ranged in price from £650 to £2,500. (A pocket edition was also released separately, with only Schiller’s text and a handful of photos.)

With a RRP of £50, this regular edition is much more affordable, and as one would expect from Taschen – the world’s art leading publisher – it’s a feast for the eyes. However, as expected, there are a few minor differences from the deluxe edition. My friend Fraser has shared a few snapshots which show that the new book isn’t boxed, and is smaller, though still well-sized (its dimensions are 23.88 x 3.05 x 32.26 cm.)

Furthermore, only one of the deluxe edition’s foldout sections is retained in the standard version (the pool shot from Something’s Got to Give which also graces the cover.) At first glance, just one or two other images appear to have been omitted. (This is not a complaint, merely FYI!)

Nonetheless it’s a beautiful book, and if you love monographs, I recommend it highly. Schiller had unique access to Marilyn at a time of her life that few other photographers did – although sadly, their collaboration would end all too soon.

You can revisit my 2012 review here, or else check out a French reader’s verdict on the latest edition, over at the Crazy For You website.