70 Years Ago: Marilyn’s Cheesecake Days

As we approach the 59th anniversary of Marilyn’s passing, French e-zine Crazy for You has treated us to not one, but two new issues, both looking back to her pin-up glory days of 1951. In the first, we revisit Marilyn’s swimwear layouts from that era, when she was photographed in swanky locations like the Bel Air Hotel and the Beverly Carlton.

In the second issue, we look back to Marilyn’s appearance at the Farmers Market in LA on August 4th, 1951 – 70 years ago today – when the 25-year-old starlet was crowned ‘Miss Cheesecake.’

“There is something chilling about these photos .
Although it is easier to talk about these things today, I have always felt uneasy about these images. Scarcely dressed, she plays the female object … The looks of men speak volumes as well as those of women.

Yet these photos also have a force that has always fascinated me. Marilyn seems to rise above what is expected of her. She is far from being fooled by the role that is asked of her but she still ‘wants to be wonderful’ for the camera … She is the mistress of her character.”