Getting ‘Closer’ to Marilyn’s Men

Marilyn with Joe DiMaggio, 1953 (photo by John Vachon)

The current edition of US mag Closer Weekly (dated August 30, with Barbara Eden on the cover) includes an article about Marilyn and ‘the 3 men who couldn’t save her,’ which you can read here.

“The fragile star, who grappled with addiction, fell deeply in love with husbands Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller and boyfriend Frank Sinatra, and they tried to rescue her from bad influences — and herself. ‘She brought out the protective nature in the men she became involved with,’ explains Charles Casillo, author of Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon. ‘But it was never enough.’ Perhaps none of them truly understood her. ‘Maybe I’m too demanding,’ Marilyn once said. ‘Maybe there’s no man who could put up with all of me.'”

Thanks to Richard at Marilyn Remembered