UFO Author on Marilyn’s ‘Diary of Secrets’

Among the conspiracy theories surrounding Marilyn’s death, the wackiest of all may be the idea that she was murdered after John F. Kennedy told her about the alleged UFO landings at Roswell. Nick Redfern, who has published a new book on the subject, first wrote about it in a 2011 blog post (see here.)

“By far the most controversial piece of unauthenticated documentation pertaining to UFOs concerns none other than the late Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe. It was during a press conference in 1995 that Milo Speriglio – an investigative author now deceased, who wrote three books on Monroe’s death: The Marilyn Conspiracy; Marilyn Monroe: Murder Cover-Up; and Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe – revealed the document to the world’s press.

Incredibly, according to the document, which surfaced via a California-based researcher of UFOs named Timothy Cooper, President John F. Kennedy had guardedly informed Monroe that he had secret knowledge of the controversial incident at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. As a result of Kennedy’s revelations to Monroe, the CIA took keen note of any and all developments as the story progressed. Or, at least, that is what we are led to believe, and what the document implies.

When the document surfaced, Vicki Ecker, then the editor of UFO Magazine, said: ‘To put it succinctly, the document suggests that on the day she died, Monroe was going to hold her own press conference, where she was planning to spill the beans about, amongst other things, JFK’s secret knowledge of UFOs and dead aliens.’

Indeed, the document, ominously dated only two days before Monroe’s controversial death on August 5, 1962, tells the whole, remarkable story. Notably, at the top of the page it clearly states: ‘References: MOON DUST, Project’ (which was a genuine U.S. operation designed to capture, understand, and exploit overseas advanced technologies, such as Soviet spy-satellites.)

But, with all that said, where are things at today with respect to this most curious and extremely controversial document? Well, Tim Cooper left the UFO scene years ago, and has utterly washed his hands of the document – as well as many other questionable documents on crashed UFOs that he secured from Deep Throat-type sources in the 1990s.

And the CIA? The Agency officially denies having any files, at all, on the Hollywood hotty – despite the ironic fact that the very first document in the FBI’s ‘Monroe File’ was copied to the CIA! As for the players in the saga, they’re all gone to their graves.”

Now UK tabloid the Daily Star has covered Redfern’s claim in today’s edition – with tongue firmly in cheek, as the front page asks readers, ‘Monroe Done in By ET?’ The article is also referenced in today’s editorial, under the cheeky subheading, ‘Marilyn’s seX-Files.’ (In all fairness to Redfern, he is not quoted in the article as saying she was killed by aliens, as the headlines imply.)

“Marilyn Monroe was assassinated after John F Kennedy told her UFO secrets, according to bombshell new claims.

Alien author Nick Redfern says the Hollywood icon was a national security threat.

He said it was ‘because of her being told Government secrets … One of them being about crashed UFOs and strange dead bodies held at military bases’.

Nick, who has written a book about it, said: ‘If you look deep into the story, it does sound very much as if it was either outright murder or she was pushed into a state of depression, anxiety and stress to the point she killed herself in a driven suicide.’

Monroe allegedly had affairs with US President JFK and his brother Robert before her death in 1962, aged 36.

And she wrote down what they told her in her diary.

Her death was recorded as a drug overdose. Nick, from Walsall, West Midlands, says a newly released CIA file on assassination tells how to disguise a killing by making someone an addict.”

In conclusion, I would like to make two points: firstly, the extent of Marilyn’s relationship with the Kennedys has been vastly exaggerated (the evidence is mostly anecdotal), and I find it highly improbable that they would have confided in her about matters of national security. Also, Marilyn’s struggles with depression and addiction led to several suicide attempts and near-fatal overdoses, long before her association with the Kennedys began. And however desperate she might have felt, Marilyn was far too savvy to have even considered making her alleged affairs public.

Secondly, no diary of Marilyn’s has ever been found, although many have claimed there was one (see another recent book, Michael Rothmiller’s Bombshell.) Her collected writings in Fragments amount to a scattered series of notes and poems rather than a regular journal, and most of her inner circle agree that she was too disorganised to maintain a daily record of her busy life. “I’m not the sentimental type,” she told New York’s Daily News on June 22, 1956, when her engagement to Arthur Miller was announced. “I don’t keep a diary. I don’t know just when we decided to get married …”

So the title of Redfern’s book – Diary of Secrets:  UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe – hinges upon a diary that most likely never existed. Incredibly, it’s not even the first book dedicated to this topic – that would be fellow ufologist’s Donald Burleson’s UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe (2003.)