Marilyn Takes ‘Inside History’ to Hollywood

The latest issue of UK magazine Inside History is dedicated to the history of film, including a 4-page cover story by Nick Kevern, ‘How Marilyn Monroe Took On the Studio System … And Won.’ As noted here recently, Marilyn’s fight for career independence was not unprecedented – and yet she continues to inspire many of us. The article is partly inspired by Helen O’Hara’s book, Women Vs. Hollywood.

“If you ask anybody why Marilyn Monroe was so important to the history of Hollywood the chances are that you will receive a number of different opinions. Screen goddess, sex symbol, comedic talent, her personal life and of course the mysteries surrounding her untimely death. Yet, for me, few people will mention how she took on the power of Twentieth Century Fox, established her own production company, and fought for roles … While some may have seen her as another dumb blonde eager to please, I see a woman who knew what she wanted. For those who see her as a beauty rather than a creative actress, I see a woman who wanted to make the best movies she could surrounded by the best talent to make that happen.”

UPDATE: You can now read the article here.

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