Marketing Marilyn’s Timeless Glamour

Celebrity beauty brands are big business today, as License Global reports, but Marilyn’s vintage glamour may outlast them all. She once advertised Westmore Cosmetics as part of her studio contract, and is indelibly associated with Chanel No. 5 although she never formally endorsed it. In recent years, Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the licensing company and current owner of her estate, has launched makeup ranges in her name in partnerships with MAC, Max Factor and Bésame.

“The glamour of celebrity and the beauty needs of the consumer go together, resulting in a powerful marketing tool. In 2019, YPulse found that 51% of GenZ would be more likely to buy a product if their favorite online celebrity recommended it. Knowing the power of celebrity, makeup brands chose them to be the face of a product launch. Not only do celebrities wield influence over their audience, but potential influence over the beauty market.

With loyal fan bases, the capitalization of the celebrity makeup market is a step for entertainment industry [figures] who are known for their physical appearance. Both the celebrity and the brand they front benefit from this parasocial relationship. But what will happen if celebrity begins to fade, and what does this mean for the beauty industry?

‘As of now, independent and celebrity-backed beauty brands are still in their early growth stages and will continue to give the traditional brands fierce competition over the coming years,’ Alanna Dible, senior audit manager, and Mark Grant, audit senior, Mazars USA, told WWD. ‘However, especially for celebrity brands, it is uncertain whether the sales will wane once the celebrity’s glossy appeal fades. A new generation of celebrities may enter the industry with a beauty offering of their own. We may see each brand have a shelf life, with larger celebrities outlasting the rest.’

For example, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe have become icons in the beauty space which have allowed licensed products with her likeness to be produced for decades. Monroe’s signature look has become a classic beauty staple, allowing her to continue to sell years after her passing.”