‘My Marilyn’ Party House, ‘Bus Stop’ Diner for Sale

While an LA penthouse formerly owned by Marilyn’s friends the Kargers snaps up headlines (see here), two other properties with notable links to MM are also on the market. Firstly, the one-time Sherman Oaks estate of bandleader Ray Anthony – where he hosted a party to celebrate his hit record, ‘My Marilyn,’ in 1952 – is on sale for $4.5 million, as Mansion Global reports.

“Mr. Anthony, 99, the last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, reportedly bought the home in 1952, and threw raucous parties attended by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rooney. ‘We threw this big party for Marilyn at my house in the [San Fernando] Valley,’ Mr. Anthony told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. ‘She was pretty happy about that. It probably helped a little bit with her fame.'”

Secondly, this idyllic property in Sun Valley, Idaho – now on the market for $16 million – may be a long way from Hollywood, but its guesthouse will be familiar to film fans as the roadside diner where the kidnapped Cherie (MM) hid out from her cowboy stalker in 1956, as noted by The Robb Report.

“For the classic Marilyn Monroe movie Bus Stop, the crew shot scenes in an old general store [the North Fork Store] in Idaho. That shop has since been repurposed into a guest home and is now part of a larger, contemporary estate that’s just hit the market for $16 million.

The residence is better known by Monroe fans as Grace’s Diner. In the movie, it’s where characters Beauregard Decker (played by Don Murray) and Virgil Blessing (played by Arthur O’Connell) make a pit stop on their way down to Phoenix. Since they’re taking a bus to get there, in many ways the now guest home was the titular bus stop. The duo return to the diner on their way back to Montana after meeting Monroe, who plays Cherie, a singer.

The guest home looks a bit different now than it did then, most notably because it’s not a store anymore. Nowadays it’s a two-bed, two and a half bath cabin that’s great for housing visiting friends and family (particularly if they’re Marilyn Monroe fans). It sits on about 12 acres of private land.

One of the biggest perks of living here, beyond its cinematic ties, is the landscape. There are multiple private ponds on the property, and it’s located just north of Ketchum, so you’re far away from any really major cities. Perfect for a quiet weekend getaway.”