Marilyn Brings ‘MM2022’ to South Korea

As we approach the 60th anniversary of Marilyn’s death next year, a new, audio-visual exhibition dedicated to Marilyn, MM2022 will open at the Jamsil Lotte World Mall in Seoul, South Korea this Saturday, November 13, through to February 6, 2022. The exhibit includes a section exploring Marilyn’s 1954 Korean tour.

Tickets can be pre-booked here – and while you’re visiting Seoul, don’t forget to buy a Marilyn-themed Craft Bros LIFE beer from CU convenience stores.

“This exhibition is designed to mark the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. It presents a variety of audio-visual content, such as music and videos focusing on Marilyn Monroe.

The collection is owned by Lelian’s CEO In-Seok Lee (sponsored by Eunjin Park), including photos, magazines, and props. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity to look into Marilyn Monroe’s life in three dimensions.

Section 1: Was Marilyn Monroe just a ‘Dumb Blonde’?

This section examines Marilyn as an artist, career woman, and intellectual. Through photos, magazines, and newspaper articles we look at how Monroe struggled to survive in Hollywood, even the world.

Section 2: Four Days in Korea

Marilyn Monroe spent 4 days in Korea. In February 1954, Monroe toured Seoul, Daegu, and Inje, performing in front of a total of 100,000 USFK troops on about 10 occasions. Photos and videos of Monroe and the Korean era at the time make the Hollywood star feel more familiar.

Section 3: Love

When talking about Marilyn Monroe, one thing that shouldn’t be missed is – her love life. Monroe experienced a total of three marriages and divorces. By focusing on images capturing her times with second husband Joe DiMaggio and third husband Arthur Miller, we can feel the joys and dangers of love that Monroe also felt.

Section 4: Trendsetter

The most representative word of Marilyn Monroe is ‘icon’. An icon of the 50s, she is remembered not only on the screen, but has deeply permeated world culture. Her influence is reaffirmed through props and images related to Monroe.

Section 5: Marilyn & Norma Jeane

Marilyn Monroe’s real name was ‘Norma Jeane Mortenson’. Attempts to compare the different identities of Monroe and Norma Jeane continue. This process is reflected by her ever-changing image on camera, and a personal history in contrast to her colourful appearance on the screen.

Section 6: Post Marilyn

60 years have passed since Marilyn Monroe said goodbye to the world. The influence of the actress continues to this day, and the interpretation of her is becoming more diverse over time. This last section consists of a compressed timeline of Monroe’s life. This section will also feature a message booth that shares the inspiration obtained from the exhibition with visitors.”

Thanks to Marina at Marilyn Remembered 

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