‘Mimosa’: Ralph Roberts Remembers Marilyn

Ralph L. Roberts, a World War II veteran, was an Actors Studio member who also trained as a masseur. In 1960, while Marilyn was filming Let’s Make Love, he began giving her massages to relieve her tension and insomnia. Over the last two years of her life, Ralph became one of Marilyn’s closest friends, and also played a small part in The Misfits (as the ambulance driver who treats Montgomery Clift after falling off a horse in the rodeo scene.)

After her death, Ralph wrote a memoir, Mimosa, about their friendship, but was reportedly unable to find a publisher because his account wasn’t sensational enough. Following his own death in 1999, extracts from Mimosa were posted on a family website (see here.)

Now, on November 25, Ralph’s tribute to Marilyn will finally be published, in print and digital formats. This is a long-awaited moment for Marilyn fans, giving a true insider’s perspective on her final years.

Mimosa: Memories of Marilyn & the Making of The Misfits can be pre-ordered now via Amazon UK, or Amazon US.