Elliott Erwitt’s Marilyn: ‘Found, Not Lost’ in Geneva

This image of Marilyn reading her script while filming The Seven Year Itch in New York, 1954 is featured in a new exhibition, Elliott Erwitt: Found, Not Lost, at the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff in Geneva, Switzerland until March 5th, as Elisa Bernard notes on The Eye of Photography blog.

“‘At 90, my work seems different to me than what I had seen before… There is a time for photos that say hello, and there is a time for listening.’ – Elliott Erwitt in 2018

The Found Not Lost exhibition dedicated to Elliott Erwitt offers the meeting of two ways of looking that the artist knew how to bring to the world. First, that of the genius reporter from the Magnum Photos Agency, whose audacious photographs humorously highlight the absurdity of the human condition. On the other hand, that of a man in the latter stage of his life who decides, starting in 2018, to re-examine the photographs taken at the start of his career, far from the tumult of commissions.

Unpublished photographs, long awaited, have as for them, a very singular force which is due to the melancholy which emerges from them. The languor that prevails in these black and white scenes differs from the spectacular images of movie stars … The Found Not Lost exhibition thus intends to create a dialogue between already iconic images, on which many eyes have focused, and previously unseen images.”