‘That’s LIFE’: Marilyn Turns New York Blonde

This promotional shot of Marilyn and Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – captured by Ed Clark for a 1953 cover story – is featured in a new exhibition, That’s LIFE: Vintage Photographs from America’s Weekly Picture Magazine, at the Keith De Lellis Gallery in Suite 703 on 41 East 57th Street in Manhattan from March 31-May 26. (Incidentally, Marilyn lived in the Sutton Place South apartment building on East 57th Street for the last six years of her life.)

“Keith de Lellis Gallery presents a selection of over fifty photographs assigned by the editors for the pages of Life Magazine, one of the most renowned picture magazines in the world. Published weekly from 1936 to 1972, the magazine chronicled in image and word every historical event both big and small that impacted the lives of Americans north, south, east and west. Life revolutionized how readers experienced these historical events by pioneering the photo-essay, where narratives are told through the power of pictures while words take on a less significant role. This exhibition captures the wide-ranging themes published in Life Magazine including politics, war and race to popular culture, major sporting events and everyday moments that were at the heart of American culture in the twentieth century.”