Celebrate Marilyn’s Sixty-Year Spell With ‘Yours Retro’

Almost sixty years after her death, newspapers and magazines across the globe are pondering the secret of Marilyn’s enduring legend – but few are more qualified than Monroe biographer Michelle Morgan, who contributes an illuminating six-page cover story to the latest issue (#51) of UK nostalgia mag Yours Retro.

“Marilyn’s death at the age of just 36 is poignant and brings into play our interpretations of what could have been, had she lived into middle age. Perhaps she could have been a successful film director, winning Oscars for a later career spent behind the camera. She may have been an enigmatic theatre actress, taking inspiration from the greats, and pouring her heart into roles she only dreamt about when she was young. She could have been a stay-at-home mum, happy with her brood of children and madly in love with her husband. We will never know what turn Marilyn’s life could have taken, but this mystery continues to add to her legacy and the age-old appeal of what-if?”

Elsewhere, Marilyn gets another mention in reader Jules Wilson’s pick of her top seven ‘reel obsessions’…

“Another childhood icon of mine was Marilyn Monroe. My nan was a big fan and I’ll always remember the first image I saw of her in one of Nan’s books. How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) is one of her best. I just love the interaction between the actresses; we have an aging Betty Grable, a streetwise Lauren Bacall and short-sighted, comedic Marilyn. They’re all different and it’s refreshing how they all want each other to do well.”

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