‘Becoming Marilyn’ in Australia

Yet another new, French-made documentary, Becoming Marilyn will have its Australian premiere (in its English version) on SBS TV at 7:30 pm this Sunday, July 31. Becoming Marilyn is directed by Michèle Dominici, whose previous subjects include Simone Signoret. Production company Arte Distribution describes the documentary as “a unique portrait in the feminist and post #MeToo era, with a contemporary take on violence against women in the 1950s Hollywood’s golden years, through the eyes of a female director.”

“On the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s passing, this documentary provides a unique portrait of the screen icon from her own perspective. In contrast to the many films made and books written about her, this one offers to give her back her voice, through the interviews she gave, the books she wrote and the fragments she left behind. For the first time, it will be a matter of understanding how Norma Jeane Baker created the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Because Marilyn was not born Marilyn, she became her.”