‘The Asphalt Jungle’ in Noirvember

Writing for the Netflix DVD blog, movie critic Marya E. Gates – who has written appreciations of Marilyn’s filmography and poetry – recommends The Asphalt Jungle as one of five 1950s films noir to watch in the month of ‘Noirvember.’

“When people give the 1950s a bad rap for being squeaky clean, I point to films from this genre and from others to show naysayers that not everything was white picket fences and family dinners back then … Not only is The Asphalt Jungle one of the best of the film noir genre, it’s also one of the best heist movies of all time … in one of her early roles is Marilyn Monroe—yes, that Marilyn Monroe—as Alonzo’s mistress Angela. She has a small but pivotal role in the film. This is a taut and captivating film that grabs you by the collar from the very beginning and won’t let go.”