Marilyn’s Estate to Launch ‘Modern Muse’ NFTs

Following their 2021 venture, ‘Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis’ (see here), Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the owner of Marilyn’s estate, will launch another NFT project, ‘Modern Muse,’ tomorrow (February 23), PR Newswire reports.

“The Marilyn Monroe Estate announced Tuesday it has partnered with the artist duo Zeblocks – leaders in the NFT space with three successful collections – to launch the digital art.

‘We have reimagined Marilyn Monroe through generative art and blockchain technology,’ the art duo tweeted Tuesday. ‘Each unique NFT will be 100% stored on Ethereum (on-chain), bringing Marilyn Monroe to the intersection of art and technology.

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens, and are unique pieces of digital data stored on a blockchain ledger. While NFTs can be a digitized copy of anything, they are most often associated with digital artwork.

The mint pass for Modern Muse: Marilyn Monroe x Zeblocks launches Thursday on NFT marketplace OpenSea.”

Generative art is a process where an artist develops a computer program that autonomously creates the final artwork. The artist codes instructions leaving a program to create the output. (The sample images appear to be based on photographs by Bruno Bernard.)

The estate of photographer Richard C. Miller, and artist Russell Young, have also brought Marilyn into the metaverse recently.