The Truth About Marilyn’s Jewish Conversion

April VeVea Chambers will give a virtual presentation about Marilyn’s conversion to Judaism via Zoom tomorrow, May 2nd, at 11 am CST, as part of a Jewish Studies series hosted by Oakton College. You can register for this free event here.

“Examining Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with religion and her later-in-life devotion to Judaism, this talk will allow participants to learn more about the spirituality of history’s most infamous blonde bombshell. Participants will learn all about Marilyn’s early life heavily influenced by her evangelical foster parents, her relationship with Christian Science and how, towards the end of her life, she described herself as an ‘Atheist Jew.'”

As regular readers will already know, April writes about Marilyn and other stars at her Classic Blondes website. A new, expanded edition of her definitive chronological study, Marilyn Monroe: A Day in the Life, is now available via Barnes & Noble and Lulu.