Marilyn Haunts the Fortean Times

For almost half a century, UK monthly Fortean Times has cast a rigorous eye over the world of strange phenomena, and has been described as ‘possibly the most entertaining publication on the planet.’

The April issue includes a 4-page article by Alan Murdie, headlined ‘Gentlemen Prefer Ghosts,’ on the Hollywood landmarks allegedly haunted by Marilyn. These include the Roosevelt Hotel, where she was photographed in 1951; and the Castilian Drive home she rented for 6 months in 1952.

The article also looks further afield, to the Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe, where Marilyn was the guest of Frank Sinatra a week before she died in 1962. “So, in death, as in life,” Murdie concludes, “tragic Marilyn remains the target for projected fantasies, hopes, dreams, and emotions.”

Marilyn has made regular appearances in Fortean Times over the years. A 2006 article focused on the purported reincarnation of MM; and in 2011, the magazine explored Marilyn’s rumoured connections to Ufology.

Thanks to A Passion For Marilyn