‘Marilyn: Her Final Secret’ in Australia

Marilyn: Her Final Secret, the French-made documentary about the quest to find her father, will premiere on Australia’s SBS channel at 7:30 pm on July 4th, as TV Tonight reports. Unlike the version which recently aired in France, this will be in English (and you can read my review here.)

“The film chronicles how, using strands of Monroe’s hair, chromosomes from her paternal lineage were analysed in France and the U.S., and then compared to DNA materials of the descendants of a man suspected of being her father.

‘I spent years — and many sleepless nights — working with the very best laboratories to try to get those strands of hair to reveal their secrets, but the results kept on coming back negative,’ said François Pomès, the director and executive producer of the documentary. ‘And then one day, after a year of testing, Ludovic Orlando wrote to me to say that one of the strands had offered up its secret, and that more than 20% of Marilyn’s genetic profile had just been decoded.’

‘Revealing, through science, the identity of the biological father whom she searched for her whole life is immensely satisfying for me as a fan of Marilyn Monroe. But I think the thing that touched me most was seeing the reaction of Marilyn’s ‘new’ family, who were overwhelmed by this irrefutable evidence.'”

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